11 - Brake For Frogger - Season One, Episode 11 - A Pageant's Finer Ill.mp3

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  • Song Name: Episode 11 - A Pageant's Finer Ill
  • Artist: Brake For Frogger
  • Album: Season 1
  • Year: 2010

In this month’s show:
The standard “What you been playin’?” section; Tom’s review of recent game ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1’; Tom plays ‘Brutal Legend’ for this month’s ‘Games Exchange’; FuryAc3’s (aka FURYACKFREE!) SoapBox w/ discussion (plus the discussion of EvilNinjaPhil’s SoapBox from the Retro Special; Geordie Al talks Resident Evil 2 in his Retro Games Emporium; The next episode of Pause Screen with the Reverend Taylor; Jet Set Radio Future to Imagine Fashion Designer in the recently-saved Games Connection section; and the usual closing nuggets and tidbits.