02 - Brake for Frogger - Season 2, Episode Two - It's Good To Talk.mp3

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  • Song Name: It's Good To Talk
  • Artist: Brake for Frogger
  • Album: Season Two
  • Year: 2011

Dave Whitelaw of 'Sonic's Ring' fame joins the usual line-up this month to inanely waffle about anything and everything. Including, as always, the 'What Ya Playin'?' section, Geordie Al's Retro Games Emporium, the final SoapBox from 'Friend-of-the-Frog' Bob Lowes, episode 2 of Fluffy Kitten, entitled 'Is Nixon a Zombie?!', and a dodgy quality Games Connection! (Woo!!!). Get ready to fire Hoskins from the catapault!