03 - Brake for Frogger - Season Two, Episode 3 - Jurassic Perk.mp3

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  • Song Name: Episode 3 (S2) - Jurassic Perk
  • Artist: Brake for Frogger
  • Album: Season Two
  • Year: 2011

Due to the ever changing fixture list of the Braehead Clan ice hockey team, and the fact he got good tickets, Euan cannot join us this month. Fear not gentle listener as his place is taken by young Wild Willy Lockhart meaning Brake For Frogger's sweaty love tryst with Sonic's Ring will continue for another month.

The boys gather to talk about all things video game related. Geordie Alan revisits Atari's notorious past in the Retro Games Emporium, the team experiment with the cutting edge technology of Dr Robotnik's Random Game Topic Generator and Lexie plays Arkham Asylum in which she seems to be experiencing mild heart failure halfway through.

Also this month, we discuss where the best place on the Isle of Skye is to mix paint and Cameron gets really confused about his movie themes...

...like, really confused.

Enjoy Brake For Frogger 2.3!