04 - Brake for Frogger - Season Two, Episode 4 - Now in 3D!.mp3

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  • Song Name: Episode 4 (S2) - Now in 3D!
  • Artist: Brake for Frogger
  • Album: Season Two
  • Year: 2011

Euan returns from his brief hockey hiatus to join us again in our usual shite-talking shenanigans.

In this month's episode, we have the standard self-indulgence with our 'What Ya Playin'?' section; Seth Armstrong is back from the dead to review Xbox Live Indie Games; Euan gets ranty about the Nintendo 3DS; BfF-n00bs Andrew and Adam (aka Curz and Marwood) present their new regular section 'the Co-op Shop'; Geordie Al talks the Megaman franchise in 'Geordie Al's Retro Games Emporium'l Lexie shocks us all by actually enjoying a game in 'Fluffy Kitty'; and the 'Random Topic Generator' picks us a doozy this time - Video games involving acclaimed movie directors/producers.

All this and more! You lucky, lucky people! :)