07 - Brake for Frogger - Season 2, Episode 7 - Macho Men.mp3

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  • Song Name: Episode 7 (S2) - Home-cooking with Ken Block
  • Artist: Brake for Frogger
  • Album: Season 2
  • Year: 2011

Episode 2.7 of Brake For Frogger was actually discovered caked in dust at the back of a shelf somewhere (possibly due to being underpowered and having a lack of third party support). At last, after plenty of delays and various setbacks we're back again.

This episode starts with a fan e-mail, the 'What You Been Playing' section covers Tom's near addiction to MMORPG Rift, Cam's raiding of the second hand section, Euan's sweary shooting time with Bulletstorm and Alan gritting his teeth over Trials HD. We also have a half hearted attempt at a news section which doesn't end well. Curzon and Marwood finally get their Co-Op Shop back up and running (sorry for leaving it so long boys, back regular now yeah?) and Alan opens his Retro Games Emporium with the words 'Yipeekiay!'.