Episode 8 (S2) - Red vs. Blue

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  • Song Name: Episode 8 (S2) - Red vs. Blue
  • Artist: Brake for Frogger
  • Album: Season Two
  • Year: 2011

After a summer of upheaval and turbulence, the four intrepid crusaders of Brake for Frogger gather together, have a thinking session, write a few things down and then come up with Episode 2.8.

This one is probably the closest we've got to how we want Brake for Frogger to be which basically means we've broken up the bits of us talking with all kinds of random sections.

'Whatcha Playing?' this month features Tom's Minecraft Pocket sessions, Euan's wander in Bastion, Cam's Patrick Stewart impression and Al's washing machine. The Random Topic Generator takes a Stalinist turn and Alan's Retro Games Emporium features added Nurse Gladys Emmanuel thanks to EvilNinjaPhil of Sonic's Ring fame.

Added to this, Lexie turns her attention to Left4Dead 2 and demands wet wipes as a result, the Co-Op Shop has an awkward customer in the shape of GLaDOS, the debut of Secret Salmon, the return of the Rev, the solo review gets godly in From Dust and we even end with a trailer for next month. Organised to the max. this month.

Enjoy, comment, retweet, shout about us from the rooftops!