Brake for Frogger - Season 2, Episode 10 - Elvis is Resting

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  • Song Name: Episode 10 (S2) - Elvis is Resting
  • Artist: Brake for Frogger
  • Album: Season 2
  • Year: 2011

Tom's on a nightshift so your remaining three Froggers sit around and talk about such topics as Arkham City, Space Marine 40k and Alan's need to 'recharge his retro'. The Topic Dictatorship covers the team's favourite games magazines and the Retro Games Emporium goes flying with the animals by taking a look at Starwing.

Alongside this Alan takes on the Gamesmaster challenge with Robocod and Lexie stops getting scared by scaring everybody else with her driving in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.

You can also win Furyac3's Eurogamer Swag Bag he left after last month's episode. We just need you to write a poem about Brake For Frogger and send it to the usual e-mail address.