Brake for Frogger - Season 3, Episode 1 - One Bad Apple

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  • Song Name: Episode 1 (S3) - One Bad Apple
  • Artist: Brake for Frogger
  • Album: Season Three
  • Year: 2012

Possibly somewhat amazingly, Brake for Frogger returns for it's third season.

In a record (and we apologise for this in advance) plagued by lost microphones and occasional syncing issues, Cameron, Alan, Tom and Euan mull over games such as Yakuza 4, Mass Effect 2 and Dark Souls in the 'What Ya Playing?' section, Cameron kicks off his regular 'Ocarina About Bloody Time' slot with an amusing critique, Alan talks about aging football games in his 'Retro Emporium', and Secret Salmon drops in again with more tasty morsels of gaming news(!).

We hope you enjoy (Fingers crossed!) the start of Season 3!