Brake for Frogger - Season 3, Episode 3 - Hulk Krogan

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  • Song Name: Episode 3 (S3) - Hulk Krogan
  • Artist: Brake for Frogger
  • Album: Season Three
  • Year: 2012

A technical glitch of somebody losing our headphone splitter means that Euan is left a little high and dry before this record so wasn’t able to join us. Tom, Alan and Cam instead talk through the Mass Effect series (Cam currently on 2, Tom blasting his way through 3), Alan starts singing Erasure as he plays Robot Unicorn Attack and WWE Wrestlefest on his brand new iPad which he ended up queuing for on release day.

For some reason this ends up with us talking about the 1987 He-Man movie in far too much detail.

The situation with Game is the topic for our half arsed attempt at a news section in which Cam edited out seven and a half minutes of waffle about Tesco. That’s waffle about Tesco, not buying waffles in Tesco.

Alan then opens his Retro games Emporium with a talk about the Dizzy series from Codemasters. It leads to a lot of talk about eggs. That’s just eggs, not buying eggs in Tesco.

Cam reviews both I Am Alive and Street Fighter x Tekken whilst Tom casts his critical eye over Mass Effect 3. Alan meanwhile considers a new career move.

We apologise for the late running of the podcast, this was due to leaves on the line.

Enjoy Episode 3.3.