Brake For Frogger- Harrison Ford Is Unwell.

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Just in time for your journey into town to get your Christmas shopping together, Episode -2 of Brake For Frogger lands. It's been nearly a fortnight since the record but we'd lost the gift wrap...or something.

Euan, Alan and Cam cover a whole heap of gaming in this episode including Arkham Origins, WWE 2K14, The Wolf Among Us and the first storyline DLC of Bioshock Infinite in the shape of Buried At Sea. Al meanwhile finally tells us which game he bought for £30 but is worth £100 with the box and instructions and gives details of his N64 Japanese import woe (clue- it's more complex than he ever thought possible).

Also Kyle has a go of Lego Marvel Superheroes on the 360 as well.

The boys can be followed on Twitter on @wanderingeuan, @geordiealan and @cripleh. Please get in touch with your guesses as to how much Alan paid for an unboxed copy of Sunset Riders on the Super Nintendo. The winner gets nothing. Good luck!